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Indonesian Ancestral Herb ( Vaginal Narrowing Ingredients )

Vaginal Narrowing Ingredients
This herb is very useful, especially for mothers who have
 just given birth to babies, how many mothers are no longer
 attractive to their husbands because they neglect to take care of their
 most valuable items. So that the vagina becomes tight again, 
please try the ingredients below:
• 15 pieces of betel leaf
• 3 gambier
• Young areca nut skin to taste
• Betel lime to taste

The method :
• The skin of the areca nut (jambe) is pulled out into small pieces, 
the gambier is pounded gently, the whiting is sifted clean. 
All ingredients are soaked with 2 liters of boiling water,
 let it sit for a while and cool a bit.
• Used to wash the vagina repeatedly. Do it several times a day. 
If you are diligent in doing it every day, 
your vagina will become tight and tight.