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A secret herbal remedy from Indonesia's ancestral heritage

Jamu for a manly and mighty man (strong medicine)

 In a household, of course, husband and wife need each other in satisfying the desires of a husband or wife, because a marriage will be a paradise if one of them is equally satisfied in conveying their desires in sexual intercourse.

 Of course, if her husband is passionate about sexual intercourse, but the wife is cold and has no appetite, then the household will not get the heavenly pleasures that her husband wants.

This time I will share knowledge about traditional herbal remedies from Indonesian ancestry that have been proven and tested in making strong herbal medicine or strong medicine for men and traditional herbal medicine for women's vagina.

 Do the herbal concoctions below regularly so you will get something different for yourself and your partner. The following are the ingredients and how to make the herbs belo

• One lime
• A few pieces of turmeric
• 1 chicken egg (just take the yolk)
• 1 tablespoon of pure honey / royal jely

• Squeeze the lime until you get half a tablespoon of water. Grated turmeric and squeezed until the juice is 1 tablespoon. Both are mixed with free-range chicken egg yolk. Stir until blended.

• Drink all at once in the morning, do a few days diligently

Do this concoction diligently so that your husband or wife will feel satisfaction in yourself in having sex with hi